Privacy Policy

This is the privacy policy page of and we welcome all UK citizens who are considering applying for loans with us to this page. As and when you decide to make use of this website for applying for loan then you are required to fill the online loan application form or questionnaire that is published here.  The purpose of filling this form with necessary details is to offer you finest of the loan deals through money lenders. When you fill this information then it is important for you to know that this information of yours can be used for providing you with better loan deals.  

At, we are strongly dedicated as well as committed to safeguarding the information that applicants share at the time of applying. We have taken all the reasonable as well as necessary measures to protect the details as well as confidentiality of the information of our customers who are applying for loan with us. However, the transmission of information takes place through the virtual world of the internet. Thus, even if it gets disclosed then we are not responsible for the same even if you are in agreement with this privacy policy. 

We understand as well as respect the concern of applicants when it comes to sharing of personal information.  When the personal details that you share with us are not transmitted through this encryption then a message will appear on your computer screen informing you about the same. This ensures highest level of the security.

Applicants who are choosing to apply for loan through us are required to cooperate with us in the mission to safeguard your details.  We recommend that while choosing passwords, you pay careful attention to the selection of alphabets, numbers and special characters. Create password which is not easily identifiable by others.    In addition, it is your responsibility to ensure that you do not disclose the confidential with others.